My View on Euthanasia by Dapper Dan

My View on Euthanasia by Dapper Dan

As a dog, I love my human very much. She provides me with all the things that are important in life: my food, my treats, my bed (preferably in the sun), and my toys. Did I mention my food? Her attention is nice too, I suppose. Certainly when I’m not getting enough, I always come up with some way to make her stop whatever she is doing and tell me how perfect I am.  A quick squeak on one of my toys or an invitational bow usually does the trick.

I am a dog and I live in the moment. I don’t plan for tomorrow. I don’t dwell on the past. Whether I live one more day or ten more years couldn’t matter less to me. What matters is whatever is happening right now. I am completely content if all my needs have been met-that is, when I have my food, my treats, my bed (preferably in the sun), my toys and my devoted human in close proximity or due back soon.  Did I mention my food?  Oh, and I don’t want to be in pain. Nothing hurts more than pain.

Euthanasia? Don’t ask me. I don’t care. As I just stated, I live in the moment. I’m not concerned about tomorrow and I certainly don’t fear death. But I definitely don’t want to be in pain. And if I can’t eat then forget it. Food isn’t everything to me, but it’s pretty close. I can see that euthanasia is a difficult topic for humans but I really don’t have an opinion on this one. I trust my human and know she will do the right thing. She knows me, she loves me and I know she always wants what’s best for me.

Sure, I’ve heard about the euthanasia process and how it’s done and it seems easy enough to me. I’m told the only thing we pets feel is a tiny needle under the skin-no worse than a vaccine which is nothing to me, but I’m pretty tough.  Anyway, then we fall asleep….and falling asleep in my human’s loving arms is good by me anytime.

My human and I have never talked about euthanasia, probably because I’m still in the prime of my life. But if she were to ask I would tell her:  I love you and I trust you, so I’ll leave it up to you… and honestly, when the time comes, I’ll never even know.


A note from Dr. Kirt:

dapper-danDapper Dan was my “Soul Dog”. He came to me quite accidentally when his breeder brought him and his littermates to my clinic in the fall of 2002. It was love at first sight. I took him home at the age of 6 weeks and we instantly bonded. By 12 weeks of age it was obvious something was wrong. A veterinary neurologist confirmed that Dapper Dan had a brain problem. Nothing existed to help him and his life would be shortened if he survived at all. During the ten years that I cared for my special needs dachshund, Dapper Dan taught me many valuable lessons including living in the moment and the importance of that very special bond we form with our pets.

Dapper Dan was peacefully euthanized in the comfort of his home on September 17, 2012.