Home At Last offers a variety of services to assist you and your pet with all aspects of end of life veterinary care. Dr. Kirt will spend all the time necessary to thoroughly answer your questions and listen to your concerns. Whether you need help making the decision or know in your heart that euthanasia is the best choice, you and your pet will always  be treated with the utmost compassion and empathy.

Quality of Life Evaluation

Sometimes it is difficult to know just how much quality is present in our pet’s day to day routine, especially when there is chronic or age related disease that is slowly progressive. Objective parameters do exist to help determine overall quality of life. If you’re unsure and struggling with the decision of whether or not it’s time to say goodbye, Dr. Kirt can evaluate your pet and make appropriate recommendations with compassion.


End of Life Consultation

You know the time is drawing near when you will be faced with the loss of your beloved pet. Perhaps you have never been faced with the death of a pet, or have never witnessed the process of euthanasia. Maybe you have never had to make the decision to let a pet go. People can struggle profoundly with all sorts of emotions and questions surrounding the end of a pet’s life, even if they have had to cope with it before. If this is the case, Dr. Kirt would love to schedule a visit with you and your pet to help alleviate any fears or concerns. This can also be scheduled in conjunction with a Quality of Life Evaluation.

Peaceful Euthanasia

When there is no longer quality of life and the best option is to say goodbye, Dr. Kirt will come to your pet to provide peaceful euthanasia. This life ending procedure can take place wherever your pet is most comfortable; on the couch, in the backyard or at a favorite spot in nature. You may remain with your pet during every step of this process but you are not required to do so if this is not comfortable for you.


Transport of Pet Remains

-for pets under 50 pounds-

If you will not be burying your pet’s body at home, his or her remains must be taken elsewhere for cremation or burial. Home At Last offers a limited transport service with advance notice following home euthanasia. This service is for pets under 50 pounds only. Please contact Dr. Kirt for additional information.


Dr. Kirt recommends The Pet Cemetery and Crematory of Tucson for your pet’s aftercare services.


Home At Last is a mobile veterinary practice providing end of life care for your beloved pet.


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